First encounters with a new partner are often the source of humor, tension, nervousness, or confusion.

Seventeen authors have come together to give you a variety of short stories in different sub-genres of romance.

Swoon as you read sexy encounters.

Laugh out loud at humorous incidents.

Hold your breath as dramatic tension builds.

Or, feel your heart flutter with gay romance.

This anthology has it all to satisfy most readers of romance.


Participating Authors:

Aleisha Maree, J A Melville, S.L. Davies, LC Taylor,

JA Lafrance, Guinevere Jordan, Tiffany Carby,

Danielle Sibarium, Lily Ryan, Penny Blush,

S.C. Principale, Faith Ryan, Amelia Hayden,

Ana Balen, Trinity Wood, Marie Ahls, and

Olivia Ellen Turner.


Blow Me

LC Taylor      

Sarcasm and smarts... that's what makes Harley who she is.  She's had everyone fooled into thinking she knows how to do it all. And she does... mostly. 


What she wasn’t counting on was Asher. She didn't think saying Blow me to the hottest guy on campus would lead to love. But lucky for her he’s got a thing for sassy mouth girls and cheesy pickup lines.


Now her sexpertise will be put to the test.


Can she fumble through fruit and condoms to prepare herself for what's to come? Or will she be left holding a banana and broken dreams?


One thing is for sure... Harley won’t let anyone stop her from finally popping her bubble.



That Night

SL Davies


The year is 1962.

A year where teenagers were awakening to a new way of thinking, feeling and expressing themselves.

Violet would love nothing more than to break free of the shackles that she is bound by.

Shackles held tightly by her mother, a god-fearing woman who has a list of rules that Violet must abide by.

When Violet is given a chance to spend one night of freedom, exploring what it is to be a woman, she jumps on it with both feet.

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The Wright Man for the Job

J.A. Melville    



It’s been five years since my last…boyfriend.

My friends secretly signed me up on a dating site. 

Now, it’s not that I’m against dating sites, but Desperate to Date?

The name screamed desperation and loser.

Did they want me to find a boyfriend or a cobweb broom?

You might want to figure out the meaning of that one yourself

Gabriel was neither a loser. Nor was he desperate.

He had to be using a fake profile picture. Can anyone say catfish?

Men who looked like him didn’t need Desperate to Date.

I was bowled over the moment I saw him. Literally.

Seriously he should come with a health warning.

One glance and I knew he was the right man for the job.

The man who could clear the cobwebs.

The man who could be my Mr Right.



With friends like mine, who needs enemies?

They had to go and sign me up on a dating site.

Desperate to Date. The name alone screamed loser.

Until I met her.

Jade was kind hearted. Funny. Beautiful.

There wasn’t a hint of loser in her or desperation.

The attraction was instant between us.

Even after the awkward elevator incident.

We had a chance to spend a weekend together.

I wanted to be more than a chimney sweep.

Read between the lines on that one.

The question was, did she see me as Mr Wright?

Or was I only going to be her Mr Right now?

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Aleisha Maree    


The son of famous painters.

A recluse.

It started off as voyeurism;  wanting to capture the perfect image.

Capture her unique beauty.

It became an obsession.

A woman living in darkness.

In fear of her demons.

Will he capture more than her beauty and set them both free?




Olivia Ellen Turner

Damien and Logan had been best friends since starting high school seventeen years earlier.

They were two young men who did everything together.

Damien was the loving son of parents who had always shown him unconditional love, while judgmental and biased parents raised Logan.

At fourteen and feeling confident of his friend’s acceptance, Logan confessed to Damien that he was gay. He also vowed that he would never disrespect his straight best friend by hitting on him.

As the years passed, Logan hid his true feelings for Damien, not willing to jeopardize their close friendship.

But when a tragedy reveals how Damien really feels about his best friend, will Logan lower his walls and take what he’s always wanted?



Little Bit More

JA Lafrance

Noah Tasker, the resident bad boy, and my failed attempt at love. I was head over heels, he was just head. More specifically getting it whenever he thought fit.

I walked away from him that day, and have stayed away from him ever since.

But watching him with his daughter, brings those feelings back, a little bit more.

Trisha Santana, a goddess in my eyes. The one that I let get away, and one that I would love nothing more than to have back in my life. Only, it’s not just my life, my precious daughter has been my main focus for years.

I want to help her, but she hates me. I have to figure out a way to get back on her good side.

Will Trisha and Noah finally put the past behind them to let their feelings deepen a little bit more?













Hard Up

Trinity Wood

Serious injury dashes surfing champion Kyle Johnson’s Olympic dreams.


Accounting wiz Alexandra Vaughan inherits her uncle’s corner store in the sleepy seaside town of Raglan in New Zealand.


Secrets between the star-crossed childhood sweethearts come to light, but are second chances on the cards?





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Breaking Point

Ana Balen

For years now Hailey Feeman has been secretly in love with her best friend’s brother, Trevor Callaway.

He’s the one for her, but he’s also the one she’ll never have.

Then one night, Hailey can’t take it anymore, she’s reached her breaking point.

In a moment of recklessness, she confesses her deepest secret.

The only problem is, she tells it to Trevor.

This leads to Trevor disappearing from Hailey’s life.

Just as she comes to terms with him being away, Trevor comes back.

What does he want after all this time?

And will Hailey, for the first time in her life get what she truly wants?



Flirting with Forever

Marie Ahls

Being a celebrity was tough enough, but being a virgin celebrity was nearly impossible. Maneuvering through the women who were after Kendric’s money and wanting to take his virtue was challenging and left him wondering if I’d ever find someone who wanted him for him with whom he could settle down with.


Kendric Pierce the most sought-after celebrity had it all but he was missing one thing--love. When he was on location filming his latest film, he meets the most unexpected woman and sparks fly. Faced with returning home to reality, these two have to overcome their fears of being loved to find the possibility of forever.

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S.C. Principale


Liz is a confident divorcee— at least to the outside world. Inside, she’s still stinging from her ex-husband’s declaration that she’s a failure in bed and worried that purchasing her first home has gotten her in over her head. Between blocked gutters and wrathful wasps, Liz soon finds that she needs some help learning the ropes of home ownership. Thank goodness Arthur, her next door neighbor, happens to specialize in home and garden upkeep. He’s everything her ex-husband wasn’t, and then some. Too bad Liz believes she’s the problem in relationships. She won’t risk ruining a friendship for another failed romance.


Arthur Esposito finds himself looking forward to Liz’s calls for home maintenance lessons. It’s even better when the lessons turn into weekly dinners in the backyard. He knows he needs to keep his heart out of the picture, but Liz doesn’t make it easy. He tells himself there’s no way he’d ever have a chance to be more than her friendly neighborhood handyman.


When Liz finally plucks up the courage to ask Arthur over for a romantic dinner, misunderstandings fly. Arthur shows up, ready to tackle the latest repair. Does he have what it will take to mend her broken heart as well as her house?







Their Place

Amelia Hayden  


They'd been best friends since childhood, but Luke's drunken confession on graduation night had sent Tristen running.


Four years later, Tristen is back, worse off than when he left. Yet, he still can't bring himself to face Luke. But when Luke goes missing during a heavy snowstorm, Tristen alone knows where to go.


To rescue Luke, Tristen will have to dig back into the past he fled from and find...their place.




When Jaylee opens her eyes to find Christian Tate, her once friend turned enemy staring back at her, it sets off a sequence of events she never dreamed of.

Jaylee remembers her friend Christian and the attraction she felt for him clearly.

She also remembers the jerk he turned into.

Now, a single father, Christian reawakens the feelings Jaylee thought she’d left dead and buried.



Note: This story was written in British English and may contain New Zealand slang terms.



First Time's the Charm

Guinevere Jordan

Two things long-time singleton Ella doesn’t expect when she takes sexy stranger Calum home:

1: That he's a virgin.

2: That Mother Nature could be such a GENEROUS provider!

Hoping he’s finally found a woman game enough to tackle that "thing" in his pants, Calum's biggest fear now is rejection.


But when Ella doesn’t recoil in horror as he drops his trousers, Calum starts to hope that maybe, this time, he'll get the happy ending he's been dreaming about.




Fantasy First

Lily Ryan

A black envelope.

A vague invitation.

An NDA. 

These are the precursor to a night of promise.

A night of magic.

A night of fantasy.

With one singular goal; live out the fantasy of certified virgins.

Sage Sachs knows none of this when she receives the exclusive invitation. The more she learns about this taboo event, the more it intrigues her. It’s Cinderella meets Prince Charming, only this fairytale doesn’t hold the promise of marriage and a HEA. In this fairytale she doesn’t leave him holding her glass slipper, she leaves him holding her v-card.


Burnt Pancakes.jpg

Burnt Pancakes

Faith Ryan

What happens when Hayden climbs into the wrong bed in the middle of the night?

Burnt apology pancakes and kisses from the man of his dreams.

Sometimes mistakes lead to happy endings you didn’t see coming.

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First Time Second Shooter

Tiffany Carby

Just two days into her new job as a second shooter, Kennedi finds herself in an SUV traveling with one of her idols, videographer Austin Greene, a legend in the filmmaking industry.


It will prove to be a work trip that takes her much farther than anticipated, both in miles and in first times.


The offers that Austin makes to Kennedi are unlike any agreement she’s ever encountered.


Will she agree to let him show her the ways, or will she let the opportunity pass her by?

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Penny Blush

He blew into town like the storm building over the ocean. I was powerless to resist as he slammed straight into me.


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